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Fear Not Only Believe

Fear Not Only Believe

by Alfred Prempeh-Dapaah

About The Book

"Countless people in the world today are faced with fear in their lives every day, either directly or indirectly. Fear takes people into bondage. The fear of terror and death, the fear of insecurity and failure, the fear of losing, and even the fear of man are just but a few. In whichever way fear seems to be encountered, it should be known that fear is demonic. This book not only reveals the source of these kinds of fear, it also teaches the reader to rise up, encounter, overcome, and be a master over fear instead of becoming a victim of fear. Good to be read by all, especially those that seek to be free from fear."
ISBN 978-1-948304-44-3 (Paperback)
978-1-948304-46-7 (E-BOOK)
Pages 116 pages


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