Finite Theory: Historical Milestone in Physics

by Phil Bouchard



About the author
Phil Bouchard (1977) was born in Ottawa, Canada; studied mathematics / computer science at the University of Sherbrooke and has experience in the commercial software development for companies in Ottawa and San Diego since the new millennium. He is also a credible martial artist at the North-American level, the founder and chief technical officer of an important innovative scientific company and the author of a simulator:

Fornux C++ Superset:

Finite Theory – Galactic Rotation Curve Simulator:

About the book
In this book, a new gravitational theory is being suggested to replace General Relativity. The theory is objective and predicts low scale GPS gravitational time dilation, the perihelion precession disparity, the gravitational light bending, up to the rotation curve for all galaxies without dark matter, galactic expansion of the universe without dark energy, even the constitution of a black hole and the mass of the invisible universe encompassing the visible one.

In practical terms this means we can achieve the following:
– Faster-than-light velocity
– Time travel into the future
– Levitation

You will also find many reasons why not only Einstein, but Michelson, Morley and even Newton all made wrong assumptions and how to verify this experimentally.

Additional information

Author's Name

Phil Bouchard

Publication Date

December 18, 2019






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