For Country

by: Donald G. Bartling

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About the author
Donald Bartling was inducted into the US Army in the 1950s and served in the US, Japan and Korea. His book For Country, details his 21 months of military service from induction to discharge. It is a look into what army life was like in that time period. Bartling’s experiences taught him many things like how one can be a good soldier and a good Christian as well. He has many more such insights as he looks back into his experiences that range from his values and beliefs as well as his view on the country’s current issues.

About the book
A study of history shows us that a nation is only as strong as the will of its citizens to fight for it. America has been tested many times over in its relatively short history. From the Revolutionary War on down to the present conflicts in the Middle East, the majority of the American citizens were willing to place their lives and futures in danger to preserve and build the future of this Nation.

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Author's Name

Donald G. Bartling

Publication Date

January 30, 2018








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