Forest Dragons

by Paul Fletcher



About the author
My name is Paul Fletcher. I live in a small city called Lehigh Acres Florida. I am 63 yeas old and a retired residential/commercial electrician. I read Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffery. This is what began my interest in dragons. I read other books and seen a few movies. Dragon Heart was the movie that helped me finish the first story. After I seen it, I decided to write a series of books were the Dragons are the good guys.

About the book
Join Mira, Kajika and their friends on an adventure to find and stop the intruder that is troubling them and the near-by villages. With help from the dragons and their unique abilities, they stop the intruder and build a friendship between them and the villages.

Additional information

Author's Name

Paul Fletcher

Publication Date

April 30, 2020






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