Fourmi the Ant

by Akshita Kakumanu

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About the book
Fourmi means ant in French, one of the most beautiful languages. Fourmi’s parents chose to name him by the beautiful name because they believed that he would grow up to be a true ant. But Fourmi is having trouble making that come true, and his unsupportive sister Formica doesn’t help very much. Fourmi can’t even pass the how to escape humans, digging, and carrying big things tests, which are essential to passing ant school. If Fourmi doesn’t pass these tests in time, he’ll be banished to the grass. So Fourmi’s mom takes him to Dr. Terapeut, a therapist who helps him through his difficulties and tells him that he can pass his tests. Will Fourmi pass the tests and prove that he’s a real ant, or will he be banished to the grass?

Additional information

Author's Name

Akshita Kakumanu

Publication Date

December 4, 2019






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