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French Cuisine

French Cuisine

France Cuisine Refers To The Cooking Culture $ Traditions Of The French People Worldwide 

by Maurice Avenaim

About The Book

His idea of illustrating with his inspiration to “FRENCH CUISINE” is based on a common-sense philosophy of finding traditional roots and inner happiness. Avenaim took the initiative through his extensive research to initiate awareness towards French life, bringing his projection towards French culture demands the understanding of its history. Being blessed with a french way of living is on the menu is to cultivate bliss in his secret garden through consciously choosing french cooking values. Traditional Values are like seeds. They may include peace, kindness, generosity, joy, determination, patience, and more. When we choose the seeds we want to grow more of in our life, we can begin to cultivate them both inside during meditation and also through actions in our daily lives. There is no age limit to finding happiness and Joy!

The human body can sustain great pain and suffering and is a necessary evil to finding peace. Appreciating life is the essence of our existence to ultimate Bliss. We hope you will relate to the passages of this book and find common elements that touch your heart and wisdom. We say wisdom comes as we open our minds to discovering what’s beyond our comprehension and perception. One of the seeds he tends regularly is love. As the inner tending and nurturing progress, we attune more deeply to the spirit and become one with its qualities of peace, awareness, and bliss. These qualities are our divine nature and the more they are expressed in our lives, the closer we live to the source. With patience and perseverance, the secret garden transforms into a garden of bliss.

Publication date November 04,2021
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
978-1-63871-689-1 (E-BOOK)
Genre Cookbook, Self-Help
Pages 44
Interior Color Full Color
Book Size 4.000" x 6.000" (152mm x 102 mm)


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