From Poverty, To Prison, To Praise

by Lamar Snowden

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About the book
From Poverty, to Prison, to Praise is the journey that I was allowed to take in life in order to be a witness to all those incarcerated or one who may have simply lost hope. I grew up in the poorest neighborhoods in Las Vegas. As a teen and young adult, I became very sexual with countless women and developed a terrible anger problem due to a lack of patience. That anger ultimately exploded one spring morning, and I found myself facing a murder conviction. During my fourteen years in the state of Nevada prisons, I was overtaken by Gods sovereign grace and tender mercies. I made the decision to follow Christ and allowed him to change me and rule over me with his unconditional love. I said yes to Jesus and began to live a life of spiritual standards that can only be achieved if I would trust him and go through whatever was necessary in order to fulfill my calling and ministry of edification to a lost, dying, and confused generation of young men and women who remain incarcerated or living a life in society but having no hope nor direction. This book is to inform you that you can make it! Give God a try. He can do all things but fail. Know undoubtedly that God is able. God can. And God will. If you let him.

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Author's Name

Lamar Snowden

Publication Date

June 22, 2020






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