Gifted, Talented That’s My Daughter

by: Sylvia Craig

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About the author
Sylvia Craig is my name, maiden name Tucker. Most people call me Georgia. My job has always been about someone else. I’m a C.N.A. I have to live my life taking care of elder people for over thirty-five years. I love writing and helping others. I’m a full-time shopper hallest at the goodwills. I have four beautiful kids, one boy. [Dematrice Tucker] girls [Sonya Williams/Donaldson] [Xaveria Tucker] and Vashira [Craig]. My first child was at the age of thirteen years old. Never went to college. Don’t have a Ph.D. just hoping one day I can meet Tyler Perry as well as Oprah Winfrey. I just pray that this would help someone. Amen.

About the book
Things get heated up after two best friends (Carrie and Samilla) turn eighteen moving out on their own from being in foster care. (Governor Greg) fall in love with an African-American teenage girl Samilla. After being together for a while, he doesn’t find out until later she had a baby from him. Bella the secretary who is in love with the governor get rejected from him quit her job and pursue her dream as a doctor.

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Author's Name

Sylvia Craig

Publication Date

July 10, 2019




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