Half a Refugee in Ssanda and Australia: 100 Poems

by A.S. Godfrey Lubulwa



About the author
A.S. Godfrey Lubulwa was born in Ssanda village in Uganda. He was educated at Ssanda, Jungo and Kings College, Buddo and holds: BSc (Makerere University, Uganda), M.Sc (Southampton University, UK) and a PhD (Economics, LaTrobe University, Australia). Previously an economic researcher he now writes poetry and fiction in Australia.

About the book
In Half a Refugee in Ssanda and Australia: 100 Poems, a man is imagined as comprising two parts. One part is physical, which on the man’s migration moves to Australia from Ssanda, a small African village. The other part relating to his psychological, emotional and cultural life remains in the man’s village of birth. The book is about the sustaining, nourishing power of Uganda culture.

Additional information

Author's Name

A.S. Godfrey Lubulwa

Publication Date

January 8, 2020




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