Halos on Fire Tales of the Hellfighters Volume 2

by Thomas Tipton

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About the book
Eighty years have passed since the initial invasion, but the Hellfighters of Angelfire Division still stand ready to defend the people of Antioch from the Dread. They have forgotten the face of their true enemy, though, and while the Star Striders may have been consigned to history by the generations between the first Hellfighters and those who now proudly carry the title, one stalwart captain and his brother knows their enemy has not been idle. Together, they are determined to stop the threat before it manifests.

They are faithful soldiers surrounded by enemies and asked an impossible task by fate and those they love. They are men returning home to finally face their destiny, drawn into a conflict beyond their understanding. They are Hellfighters and this is their story.

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Author's Name

Thomas Tipton

Publication Date

January 21, 2021






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