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Hammer is a Word: One Man's Plight on 9/11 and Beyond

Hammer is a Word: One Man's Plight on 9/11 and Beyond

by Perry Anderson

About The Book

Attacks and the Paranormal Inspire New Book with a Message Author STEWART GORDON ANDERSON debuts into the publishing world with controversial themes addressing young people in “Hammer Is A Word”, WHITBOURNE, Canada – (Release Date TBD) – The September 11 attacks on American soil, a stunning revelation in November 2005 on Canadian soil. The plight of children from difficult upbringings, Billy Graham, North Korea and Vietnam and how they all may be connected to 9/11, the Kennedy assassinations and Nelson Rockefeller Like a chapter taken out of The Mothman Prophecies, like technology straight out of Area 51, the events of November 2005 caused a very real Mr. Anderson to consider that we may already be living inside a video game. With 7.8 billion people, “just living out their lives”, what are the chances that “The Matrix” is closer to “The Truth” than we might care to imagine? In the late 80’s Karl Kenny started a company in St. John’s of the same name; “Matrix Technologies, Inc.” That is, after he returned from British Columbia with his patent share of the very first Microsoft Mouse, (complete with a Quebec style, French connection too). French Connection? The story actually begins with a simple meeting between two freshmen attending Memorial University of Newfoundland in the Summer of 1987. One from Trinity Bay, in eastern Newfoundland, another from the other side of the province, a place called Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Both taking the same prerequisite first semester course; MATH 1010. The two are sitting in the back left corner of a crowded classroom. In the front seat is Mr. Anderson, but behind him a shy, handsome dark-haired gentlemen, dressed in black with piercing greenish-gray eyes. At the end of that very first class, he was tapped on the shoulder once; “Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is John Kennedy. Would you like to go for a drink?” With the Breezeway only a few minutes away, he said “Yes, I’d like that”, only too happy to have found a friend. And then he smiled. What are the chances that the events of 9/11, November 2005 and a former vice president are all connected? Geoff Stirling may have interviewed David Ike, but he knew nothing of this. May 1791 and a bar coding patent from Spain in Washington, suggest a strong argument for reincarnation (perhaps video game) or a very strange sequence of events. You be the judge. As for former Vice-President Rockefeller, Mr. Anderson actually met him once, but not at an embassy dinner “What about one of those blue pills?” – John F. Kennedy, March 1963
Publication date July 09,2021
Language English
ISBN 978-1-64908-963-2 (Paperback)
978-1-64908-962-5 (E-BOOK)
Pages 916
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 6*9


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