Happiness, Health & Wealth: Yes! You Can Do It All!

by Tarinee Sawetnaphanon

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About the author
Tarinee Sawetnaphanon is the director of Freedom and Happiness Ltd. and is
a Wealth coach, serial entrepreneur, property investor, professional
landlord, International speaker, Amazon Best Selling author, as well as being a
single mother for her two young children.

Tarinee’s background is in property investment, and she successfully
invests and manages her property portfolio in London and across the UK.
She also offers guidance and support to other landlords and property
investors, helping them invest and manage their real estate for income and

Her mission is to share her wisdom and experiences, provide education and
coaching, help other people around the world to achieve Happiness, Health,
and Wealth, and live the life that they and their family wish for and

About the book
Happiness, Health & Wealth. Yes! You Can Do It All!

Do you believe that?
Or do you think that you can’t do it all and certainly can’t have it all?
Do you think that you have to sacrifice something to achieve something in

I didn’t believe that I could do it all before either.
I worked so hard with my business and thought that once I’d become a
success, have more money, have a better life, my partner would love me
more and my children would be happier. I pushed forward with my business,
sacrificing my relationship and my time with my children.

My business did improve but when I look back on my failed relationship, my
children weren’t happy. My heart wasn’t in the best state either.
I realised that the money aspect alone wouldn’t bring me happiness.

Now, I’m back to where I started but this time with a different insight of
knowledge and experience. I would like to share this gained knowledge with

Happiness, Health & Wealth. Yes, you can do it all!
Will give you a clear direction to achieve your goals of
#1: To be happy with yourself
#2: To be happy with your relationship
#3: To be happy with your children
#4: To be healthy
#5: To have an abundance of wealth

This book is easy to read and it will serve you as a workbook. You can
follow the steps and record your discovery and reflection.

Drawing from her experience of running businesses, self-care, divorce and
bringing up children. Tarinee gives hope to everyone if they take action,
the wonderful life that they’ve always wished for and deserve is within
their reach.

Additional information

Author's Name

Tarinee Sawetnaphanon

Publication Date

November 25, 2019




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