by N. O. Bekoe

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A space agency and the powers that be desperately need to apprehend a rogue staff before he leaks a video of a hushed insidious, cosmic event. With the discovery of a sanctum beneath his apartment which confirms his membership of a long-forgotten ancient brotherhood that foresaw the coming of this event, the rogue staff is always a step ahead. While esoteric barriers and arcane puzzles need to be digested before his pursuers can catch up, every second counts as this leakage will cause mayhem across the globe.

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N. O. Bekoe

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November 17, 2020







1 review for Haywire

  1. Eric Tetteh

    Haywire is a 486 page novel with 68 chapters authored by N. O. Bekoe. The same is the writer of Amore (Get yourself a copy of this love compendium and you’ll never regret doing that as there will be value for money).
    This novel is very didactic and full of esoteric as well as technological knowledge which will give you goose bumps and keep you at the edge of your seat with your hair standing.
    Some of the characters are Bantu Sessesaku (a senior member of the ancient brotherhood and adopted father of Hapi Ekans Mwangi), Dr Araba Atta (a historian and an intellectual in University of Ghana who helps to put together the jigsaw puzzle), Hapi Ekans Mwangi (the rogue staff of the space agency concerned. He’s very cunning as a snake and changes like a chameleon), Mr Cian Moore, etc.
    What I like about this book is its chronology of events and the knowledge it brings up front on secret societies (their composition, symbols and rituals) and Africa (especially Egypt, Ghana and Kenya).
    In conclusion, this book is well structured with its new diction, suspense and chronology of events as well as the light it shed on some African countries makes it one of the best to have on your library shelf.
    As the mask of deception falls off the face of humanity, unveiling the cream reality, of duality, in which everyone is a casualty. No one will be exempt. Truth has many shades,
    it’s not a matter of black and white, but grey.
    Although many, we are one, so in the final analyses, could it be we are fighting a war that can’t be won? (Culled from Haywire)

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