by Dorrine Simmering



About the book
Dorrine Simmering captures the human qualities of loyalty, kindness, and love, also the frailties, such as greed, jealousy, and love of power.

Heatherbound is an agricultural planet, newly settled by a group of dissidents who have become disenchanted by the politics of Earth. They wish to return to a simpler life. After a long search they find an uninhabited planet that meets their requirements. They soon find out that this paradise has no natural resources. All supplies not available on Heatherbound must be supplied by Earth. A marketable product must be found to trade or Heatherbound will be enslaved by debt.

Kendall McCreight, the colonist biologist, partners with an alien race, the Dasurianians. Kendall aides them to hibernate while a plant they grow yields enough fuel to return them home. They give him a formula to make a lightweight material, stronger than steel, in exchange.

Through political intrigue and sibling rivalry, tensions rise to create conflicts between the colonist and the people of Earth. Earth covets Heatherbound for its endless cornucopia of valuable plants and plans to invade and conquer.

Additional information

Author's Name

Dorrine Simmering

Publication Date

October 22, 2020








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