His Greater Workmanship: A Potter’s Perspective of God’s Sovereign Grace in Redemption

by: Cecil C. Moore



About the author
Cecil C. Moore is a retired Chemical Engineer, having worked in the chemical processing industry for 30 years. He has a deep interest in the visual arts, especially ceramics.
In this first attempt at writing a book, he dares to follow the esteemed Augustine of Hippo and John Calvin by counting himself one of those who writes as they learn and learn as they write. He resides in Trinidad & Tobago and can be contacted at email address: montymoore42@gmail.com.

About the book
It has been said that art is the signature of man. The signature of God is seen, not only in the material creation but, more so, in all true believers in Jesus Christ who are the object of His exquisite workmanship and the source of good works by which the whole world benefits.

This mystery is revealed in the gospel of God and it is an exhilarating account of how the Holy Creator turned around a hopeless and dark situation for the human race into a glorious reality. The gospel was almost lost to the medieval Church but was recovered through the Protestant Reformation, 500 years ago. It is the good news that the nations need to hear today because it is in danger of becoming obscure again in this 21st century. In His Greater Workmanship, Cecil C. Moore illustrates, from his experience in the ceramic arts, the critical importance of understanding the Biblical doctrines of sovereign grace in order to avoid the pitfalls of the many false doctrines that have assailed historical Christianity.

Additional information

Author's Name

Cecil C. Moore

Publication Date

July 9, 2019




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