His Story: The Old Testament Told as a Chronological Story

by Lorena Keck

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About the book
His Story tells chronologically, an abbreviated version of every story in the Old Testament with all its adventure, gruesome wars, and love stories. As it whets your appetite to know more, you can refer to the Biblical references noted beneath each story title.

His Story is unique from other Bible story or study books in that there are no descriptions or comments added which are not specified in the Bible. It puts kings and prophets together and includes portions of the poetic books within the stories. It does not leave out the stories you hesitate to teach younger children.

Teachers and professors who teach the Bible to any age group will appreciate the brevity-and completeness-of His Story as it retells the Old Testament.

Additional information

Author's Name

Lorena Keck

Publication Date

May 4, 2021






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