How We Built the Gambia Army

by: Trevor Stewart

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About the author
Trevor has led a very interesting life, a life that has virtually taken him around the world and back again. He was a long-term career soldier who joined the army as a boy at the age of fifteen. Throughout his thirty-year military career, he worked hard and played hard, which gained him credibility, earning him many promotions until he retired in 1992 as a major. He has always strived to help those less fortunate than himself and devoted much of his spare time in helping raise much-needed funds for many charities and organizations. His literary talents have in the past resulted in him writing articles for the Angling Times, the Sea Angler, and the Boat Angler magazines. In 1994, he also wrote Fishing Marks for the Sea Angler: Selsey Bill to Anvil Point. Following his retirement from the army, he has written another book, How We Built the Gambian Army. The title doesn’t fully depict what the book is about as he also wrote about the many in-country charitable events that he lead whilst serving in West Africa.

About the book
This book has come about by the dedication and hard work and guts of the small team that was put together to achieve what at times was believed to be the unachievable, in line with an acute decrease in resources of the army through financial shortages and Gambian government inefficiencies. Despite this overall gloomy situation, the team worked tirelessly in an attempt to keep things working in logistical terms. Improvisation was the order of the day-“If it doesn’t work, then fix it!

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Trevor Stewart

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April 23, 2018







1 review for How We Built the Gambia Army

  1. Jodie Grant

    Very Inspiring.

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