I was Screaming Inside but Nobody could Hear Me… Now the World Listens

by Julian Black



About the Book:

I was screaming Inside but nobody could hear me now the world listens is a memoir about living with fear. It’s a story of a man called Julian Black who for forty-three years has lived with constant fear in his life. Fear was with Julian in his childhood and it grew within him into adulthood throughout this time it has controlled him and suppressed him and dictated his life. Can you imagine living like a robot or a puppet on a string and constantly trying to keep a smile on your face while Inside there is so much pain but constantly trying to hide it. Fear is a hidden emotion that we try to mask as best we can but everybody has a breaking point and we have to find ways to rescue ourselves. This is a story of human survival in a person’s life with many challenges and hardships living in a very cruel and fearful world. We just have to hang on very tight and find ways to help us get through life each and every day.

Additional information

Author's Name

Julian Black

Publication Date

May 19, 2021




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