If Love Is What You Want, Then What Is Your Definition?

by Clarence Bowser

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About the author
I am truly blessed and grateful to be alive and to still be with my beautiful wife Jeanette. In 2017 I had a mental breakdown because I felt so betrayed by people that said they love me but did the opposite of what love means. My marriage was hanging on by the thread and I wanted to give up on writing because my previous publisher did me so wrong. All the mental strain drove me to the edge, I was on the verge of killing myself but God intervene. A little voice said everything is going to be okay, just have faith. I knew it was God speaking because this wasn’t the first time I heard that voice. Finally, a doctor diagnosed me with bipolar schizophrenia disorder with suicidal ideation and put me on the right medication to control my symptoms. It’s been two years since my last attempt of suicide by the grace of God, and my wife and I will be celebrating our 5th year of marriage together. I pray this book will be a help to someone who reads it, and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Thank you for your support God bless.

About the book
What’s the difference between Christ and Christian? It’s last three letters “i.a.n.” – I Am Nothing without Christ. The difference between my past and my present is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone experiences love differently, but love is love. People nowadays have never felt genuine love or given genuine love out. Most people only love you until you stop loving them, until they find something better, or until their love changes. When one of those situations happens they no longer love you but they still have love for you. Why did it change? Love is the same in the beginning, middle, and end. If your love has ever changed because of a circumstance or situation maybe you should reevaluate your definition of love. Maybe you didn’t actually love them, but rather lusted for them for a long period of time. Love is the most powerful thing in the world but the most disrespected thing of all time. Love has the power to change the world but when people abuse love, hatred is developed and can cause so much destruction. The attraction of our own lust and the pleasure and advantage of it will draw us away from love. Love is to do the will of the Father until the very end. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of love and doing the will of the Father till the very end.

1 John 4:16-21

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Author's Name

Clarence Bowser

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January 7, 2020





1 review for If Love Is What You Want, Then What Is Your Definition?

  1. joshua

    ive never read a better book in my life

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