Improve Your English Skills Through Creative Writing

by Antony Khaemba

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About the author
Anthony Wafula Khaemba is an overachiever with eclectic tastes. He published his first novel, Sons of Immigrants, in 2002, the same year he earned his teaching degree. After completing his teaching practice in Kampala in Uganda, he began his aviation degree in the United States of America. His first novel has been translated into twenty languages. He lives and writes in Maryland, USA.

About the book
Improve Your English Skills Through CREATIVE WRITING, written by Anthony Khaemba and published in 2015, is the prototype of all modern essay books. It is arguably the only book of its type. If you’re having problems with English, spoken or written, this is a must-read book. It is equipped with examples and practical exercises. You will improve your English in less than ninety days. This book has well-illustrated essay samples that will teach you how to write better essays and correct your grammar and essay.

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Author's Name

Antony Khaemba

Publication Date

May 16, 2020






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