by Donald Lee Overman



About the book
Swami Rama Tirtha, a great sage of the earlier part of this century, once said, “The policy of appeasement is never successful. It increases the demands of the bully and encourages his unreasonableness.” When Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran team up to take over the world, Americans fear we will soon be crushed beneath the weight of such bullies.

A weak, progressive president is our only hope, but he believes the United States is better served by conciliation. Before it’s too late, it will take a strong, conservative, female president to save America by being steadfast and returning the red, white, and blue to a super power. Things could get messy, but the battle to retain freedom is always worth the cost.

As a nation, we will stand strong, and our soldiers will do whatever it takes to beat back the enemy. We will be active in the military arena, no longer satisfied by pacification. It is time to join the battle with a new leader at the helm and return America to its original glory even at the peril of another world war. Bullies will herd us like cattle if we do not stand up and fight.

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Donald Lee Overman

Publication Date

April 20, 2021






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