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Jedidiah, the Donor Dog Hero

Jedidiah, the Donor Dog Hero

by Eva Bailey

About The Book

Today, most people have at least one dog in their homes. These dogs have become important members of the family, and when they become ill or are injured, their people seek treatment and therapy.

In her book, Jedidiah, the Donor Dog Hero, author Eva Bailey shares the story of Sassy and Jedidiah. Sassy is looking forward to some visitors, but when they arrive, there is an unexpected guest—their new dog Jedidiah. Sassy is jealous of the attention he takes from her. But when Sassy is hit by a car and seriously injured, it is Jedidiah who comes to the rescue with a life-saving blood transfusion.

Thanks to organizations like K9 Blood Donor Heroes, pets can receive blood transfusions and be happily returned to their families. Jedidiah, the Donor Dog Hero helps readers understand this procedure for both children and adults. Remember, humans are not the only creatures who may need a blood transfusion.

Publication date March 21,2024
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-89174-507-0 (E-BOOK)
Genre Children's Book / Picture Book
Pages 44
Interior Color Full Color
Book Size 8.500" x 11.000" (280mm x 216mm)


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