Kushy Koala and His Mates In Japan

by Allan W. Gray

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About the author
Allan. W. Gray worked for many years as a forklift driver in a factory in the suburbs of Western Sydney before realising he had a talent for writing, starting with stories of the “twilight zone” genre and an unpublished novel then starting to write “Kushy Koala and His Mates” series. While changing jobs to work as a cleaner in various schools for a major cleaning company in Sydney, he continued to write and self-publish his first Kushy Koala book all about Kushy and two(2) mates growing up together. Allan lives in Sydney, Australia with his cat near his partner.

About the book
Join Kushy and his mates, Jumpy Roo and Kool&Kean Kookaburra as they set off and fly for a holiday and to discover the mysterious and hidden delights of The Land Of The Rising Sun Japan. There they find and enjoy sumo wrestling match, with hilarious results, learn to snow board, for the first time, go tree roping, visit an ice exhibition, enjoy Tokyo Disneyland, marvel at the Cherry Blossom Festival and visit a Japanese castle, plus many wonderful places in Japan. So settle back and enjoy the ride of your life and the journey of discovery with these 3 young Aussies.

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Author's Name

Allan W. Gray

Publication Date

September 27, 2019




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