Les Misérables Deux

by Patrick Kona

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About the book
Cosette’s childhood dreams had been surpassed in so many ways. She owed her life to her first love, dear father Madeleine. And for love and repentance that father Madeleine brought her, and her true love Marius together. And like a bright light being shone in their eyes, they couldn’t see just how fate had become luck, and how luck had given way to life only bestowed on the rich and well connected of 19th century France. What a life to share with Marius! Doors would open, others would close as this power couple swallowed each chapter in their lives. Demons were lurking everywhere – Marius’ love for Cosette seemed to blind him from the demons attacking Cosette. And he had his own demons, luring him into an underworld where many entered and a haggard few would manage to escape. Can Marius conquer his demons to save Cosette from hers?

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Author's Name

Patrick Kona

Publication Date

January 5, 2021






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