Letter from Santa Claus

by Robin Jones



About the book
Where does Santa Claus find his helpers to work in the North Pole with him? How do they get there? These are age-old questions that are answered in a thoughtful and fun-loving way by the Author Robin Jones as he reveals what happened to him when he was five years old in 1949 and very sick with pneumonia. His family takes him to the children’s hospital in Toronto where he receives good care from the nurses and doctors. Though his father works hard during the day, he is always sure to visit Robin and read him stories. One night, dad wakes Robin to share a special letter he received.

It’s from Santa Claus, and it tells the little boy about the exciting things happening at the North Pole in preparation for Christmas.

The heartwarming letter from Santa is just what Robin needs to get better and leave the hospital in time for Christmas….

Additional information

Author's Name

Robin Jones



Publication Date

March 26, 2021






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