Little Dougie and the Dogs

by T Steele Petry



About the book
T Steele Petry is a retired family physician who dedicated his life to caring for people of all ages for over 35 years. He has combined his talents of painting and poetry into the illustrations and texts of a series of books known as the “Little Book” series.

The first in the series is Little Sally on Safari and subsequent titles include Little Billy and the Birds, Little Dougie and the Dogs, Little Jenny in the Jungle, Little Freddy in the Forest, and more recent titles include Little Abby and her Animals, Little Eliza at the Dinosaur Exhibit, and Little Sammy and the Seasons.

T Steele Petry is a nationally recognize Artist having been a finalist in 2020 for the da Vinci Eye Award for his cover little Sally on Safari.

Little Dougie and the Dogs is the story of a little boy named Dougie and his visit to the dog park where he visited and played with many varieties of dogs.

Additional information

Author's Name

T Steele Petry

Publication Date

December 5, 2020






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