Little Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle

by Linda Young



About the author
I decided to start writing children’s picture books entering my retirement years. I never realized how much fun it is. I let my imagination go wild. I have a series of 10 books titled The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird. First 4 are published and 5 and 6 are written. I live in Las Vegas, though most of my younger life was spent in the Midwest. I own a sign business here in Las Vegas and I specialize in ADA Braille Compliant signs. I love to make jewelry in my spare time as well as watch the hummingbirds on my back patio. I am married to a wonderful husband who understands everything I do and allows me to do it. I have 5 grandchildren with number 6 on (her) way. It could be a boy so we will have to wait and see.

About the book
Little Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle is a little different than most kids. He loves to wiggle! Little Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle came to mind while I was talking with my grandson, he could not sit still for even 10 seconds. I called him a wiggle schmiggle, then boom, Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle was born. Every infant, toddler, and young child wiggles all the time. Sometimes you can barely get them to sit for a few seconds. I wanted this book to represent the way a 5 year old might draw with crayons. Of course I am not a toddler but I wanted the finished project to look like someone very young drew it. I wanted to write and illustrate this book myself. The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird were professionally done. By doing this book myself I was able to control how it looked as I knew what I wanted. I am actually kind of proud of myself. What a challenge it has been, but I believe it will all be worth it. This book is somewhat interactive asking the child to fill in some blanks and at the back of the book are things they can answer or search for. Great book for parents to read to their children, teachers to read to your students. Great for preschoolers and anyone in between. So to all the people who purchase this book I thank you and maybe someday Willy “Wiggle” Schmiggle will become a cartoon, coloring books, activity books…..etc. Watch for my next book, Don’t let the cat out of the bag.

Additional information

Author's Name

Linda Young

Publication Date

November 4, 2019




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