Living Greek

by DeeAnn C Phillips

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About the author
Author Deana Darc is a United States Navy Veteran, Mother of 3, wife, College graduate with B.S. in Human Services, she loves living in Hawaii and traveling to Europe every year. Ms. Darc believes we have all been called to have a positive impact on humanity in your community and to citizens all over our global nation. Ms. Darc is currently working on more books to publish and her Master’s Degree in Human Services.

About the book
Diandra loved Julian for over 20 years and in the end, she still didn’t feel she knew how he felt and she tried to end her life by hanging herself but Julian comes in and saves her and they end of being together after all those years of unrequited love.

Additional information

Author's Name

DeeAnn C Phillips

Publication Date

January 23, 2020






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