October 9, 2018

by Sarah Roberts (Author)

Pages: 232

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About the book

When Annie finally gets the chance to take her dream vacation to India, she expects nothing but peace and time spent exclusively on herself. In preparation for the trip, she communicates with a knowledgeable young man from Delhi. His name is Ashok, and due to their correspondence, she now considers him her only friend in a foreign land. Annie meets Ashok upon her arrival, and he’s surprisingly handsome in person. Despite an age gap and cultural differences, sparks fly and set off a fire of passionate emotions between them. Ashok not only embraces Annie, but he shows her how to embrace his homeland, taking her through a whirlpool of exotic experiences as her lover and guide. She is sure she’s found her soul mate, but the trip must eventually come to an end and with her return to the United States, Ashok seems distant. Annie fears he realized their differences were just too big to overcome. Will these two lovers, meant to be, find the ability to break boundaries to be together or will their idyllic travels end in nothing but heartbreak?

About the author

Sarah Roberts is an ambitious traveler who loves to explore new, exotic places. She has worked in the travel industry for more than twenty years, helping others plan their dream vacations. When not adventuring around the world, she can be found writing or practicing the art of photography.