LOVE, MARRIAGE, and YOUR KIDS: What you really should know

by Dr. David Stevens

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About the author
Dr. Stevens have designed a unique style of seminars that are informative, hard-hitting, effective, yet non-intimidating. With a genuine heart of love he has authored Marriage: The Rules of The Game, a book designed to high light marital principles which when understood and practiced lead to better relationships. This new work follows his very successful book, Marriage: The Corridors, Castles, and Conflicts. Dr. Stevens is a popular guest speaker on the affairs of the heart. His wife Dorothy is very gifted in reaching women through these workshops. She is extremely helpful to new wives who need to know how to take on this giant challenge of being a wife, mother, friend, confidant, and lover!

About the book
LOVE, MARRIAGE, and YOUR KIDS is an insightful, informative, and thoughtful read that everyone can identify with. The pages take us on a journey from the dating process, love and courtship, even to breaking up. They continue on to engagement, the wedding ceremony; from altar to the bedroom and on to parenting. Dr. Stevens presents it all in this helpful and practical book. Using God’s principles, he hopes that single, married, and divorced readers will find this collection of wisdom enlightening and very helpful.

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Author's Name

Dr. David Stevens

Publication Date

November 21, 2019




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