May 10, 2018

by Erwin Hargrove (Author)

Pages: 68

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About the book

The book is a good read in general. It is very light and can be easily read. The goal of experiencing love and romance through different aspects can be seen and felt throughout the book through the different stories told by the author. May it be love re ignited like the first story “A remembrance”, or a surpassing love like “A Chance encounter”, or that love can cross seas and continents like “ Amor Francaise”, or that sometimes the one you love might not be the one for you like in “ A surprise Letter”. For “Love Across the Sea” the story of Ben and Amy a love that is enduring even to its last is admirable. The book is well written and has the potential to sell. A few more stories of different age group like teen years would also increase diversity in the stories.

About the author

"Erwin Hargrove received his bachelors and doctor's degrees from Yale University. He has been a professor of political science at Brown and Vanderbilt Universities. He is an authority on the American presidency and has written five books on presidents and the presidency. He has also written three novels and two books of short stories."