Memories of Baby Boomers

by Debbie Dashner



About the book
As I was preparing this work, I asked some young adults (early 20s of today) what they know about the baby boomers. One reply was, “You had morals. Today, people don’t.” Another reply was, “My grandmother is one, and she worries a lot.” Then he qualified his statement with this idea, “No, she really takes good care of us.” Thus, he was implying that the baby boomers are very humanitarian. Naturally, each of these statements is a value judgment and is open to opinion, and everyone knows that every generation has good and bad people. However, I would qualify the statement that the first young man said with this idea: I do believe that the baby boom generation has been a generation of traditional values in a very special way that no others in modern times seem to have been. Another way to say that is to say that baby boomers followed their parents’ values in a way that no other generation of modern times has done.

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Author's Name

Debbie Dashner





Publication Date

April 7, 2021


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