Mental Health Care & The Art of Self-Regulation

by Pastor Dr Bill Reese



About the Book:

We are now living in perilous times. People, in general, need to be proactive despite what America calls the new normal. Mental health can be challenging because of anxiety, depression, loneliness, affecting our mental health, these are real issues that must be addressed properly.

The book mental health care and the art of self-regulation is designed to help us understand a little about mental health, things we can do for self-care, talking points as to how we can help and support others during a crisis. The ability to create wholesome conversations around mental health, creating that safe place, with the family unity, while at church and with the beloved community.

The book is about bringing about mental health awareness, education, and inclusion. Learning how to create a stigma-free environment around total inclusion. Learning how to self-regulate and manage personal behaviors, things we can do for self-calming and redirecting behaviors and how to properly deescalate.

There are biblical and scriptural meditations, lived in stories of how others have learned self-regulating methods helping all to live a better day.

Additional information

Author's Name

Pastor Dr Bill Reese

Publication Date

May 15, 2021




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