Merciful: A Devotional Journal

by Susan Kabelitz

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About the book
The purpose of the book called, “Merciful” is to reflect upon the Bible passages and to look for God’s mercy in your life.

This is a personal devotional for your personal growth in your character or can assist in changing your mind about situations you may be facing that seem out of your control; yet, God is in control and He desires to reveal His mercy and loving-kindness in your walk with Him.

This is a 65 day devotional about His mercy and His endless love. There are thirty days of mercy and thirty-five days of love.

There are questions to answer between yourself and God, after meditating upon the passages for the day. Thereby, revealing His endless mercy and love for you.

The song in Merciful not only expressing His love for us but our love back to Him acknowledging that “The Lord is King!”

Additional information

Author's Name

Susan G. Kabelitz

Publication Date

March 11, 2021








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