Miracle Survivor Through Multiple Sclerosis

by Gina R. Weathersby



About the Book:

How would you feel one day when you wake up and you’re feeling good, healthy, and vibrant ready to take on the world with all that is within you? Before you know it all that seems to change when your body starts to shut down and you are diagnosed with a disease you never heard of or know anything about? How would you cope with that major life change mentally and physically? Would you give up or will you fight to survive? This story is about a thirty-two years journey living from the past to present with the devastating disease of Multiple Sclerosis. In her journey, Gina has learned how to cope and live well through the process of prayer, faith, guidance, and strong support from physicians, ministers, family, and friends of all who loves her and she loves back.

Additional information

Author's Name

Gina R. Weathersby

Publication Date

May 25, 2021






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