More Odds Than Ends: Left Field’s Cartoon Gallery #10

by: Randy Halford

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About the author
Randy Halford was born and raised in Tracy, California. Resided in Idaho and moved back to California. He not only does cartooning but enjoys reading, writing, swimming, exercising, Scooby Doo and classic comedies.

About the book
To hear the words ‘Your tenth book is coming out’ seems almost surreal. Inside this ‘anniversary’ edition, you will find the debut of the ‘actors’, ‘literature’ and the ‘selfie’ running series. To all my family, friends and fans who have followed me down the long and winding road that is ‘Left Field’, I can only express my deepest thanks. Here’s to the future!

Additional information

Author's Name

Randy Halford

Publication Date

June 7, 2018






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