My Raccoon Family: Adventures in My Back Yard

by: Margaret Churchill

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About the author
Margaret Churchill is an Animal Reiki Master currently living in Ottawa, Canada along with her husband and three cats. Her company, “Heaven’s Touch” is active in the Animal Reiki Community and she has written articles from client sessions for the website, in California and had one of her articles published in Animal Reiki Tails, Vol III, 2008-2009. Nature and animals are her inspiration and passion. She enjoys gardening, horsebackriding, playing guitar and swimming.

About the book
This book is about the true life adventure of a raccoon mother who suddenly gave birth in an Ottawa home basement one day. The book takes you through what the author learned about raccoons in general and how her respect and admiration for the mother grew into a trusting and fun-loving adventure with her six babies.

Additional information

Author's Name

Margaret Churchill

Publication Date

April 26, 2018








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