Never Just No Also

by Calum Cumming



About the author
Calum Cumming MA Cert Lib Scot C Eng Dip TEFL was born in Scotland in 1962. He has worked as a Civil Engineer in Scotland. This is his 5th Novel.

About the book
This is a contemporary Scots novel that Juxtaposes the contrast between the bucolic yet complex nature of a Scots country life, opposed to the “dog eat dog” nature of Scots urban dwellers. The central characters are all enmeshed. Some have found love and the others either search for this education or have rejected this emotion.

The novel examines both childhood and a sexed out adult life. The plot of the novel is a love story between the characters set against the sheer destruction of most recreational drugs.

Additional information

Author's Name

Calum Cumming

Publication Date

October 17, 2019




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