New Concepts in Medicine Volume III

by Abdullah Nasrat

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About the book
“New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori”: All venturesome scientists are aware of the many chances of going astray as they enter a new field particularly the more complex and difficult field of biology. Medicine is an ever-changing science; hence, was the name of this booklet “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori”.

The “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori” is demonstrating a major world’s misconception and misbehavior towards Helicobacter pylori. It emphasizes that the anti-Helicobacter pylori antibiotic strategy was a therapeutic mistake and the antibiotic violence has rendered a domestic bacterium to become wild in attitude instead of getting rid of it.

The “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori” illustrates that misconception and misbehavior towards Helicobacter pylori is the reason for the world’s burden of the challenging disease spread and chronic illness flare up during the latest three decades.

The “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori” offers a new approach for the “Control of Disease Spread” via identifying the influence of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori abnormal-behavior/existence strains in “Disease Spread” during late decades. Hence allowing an effective “Control of Disease Spread” which is related to H. pylori through proper management of the challenge of H. pylori by employing potent effective natural measures but not antibiotics.

The value of the “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori” lies in the true scientific base-evidenced knowledge that rectifies the world’s concept about Helicobacter pylori, correcting the world’s anti-Helicobacter pylori Antibiotic therapeutic mistake and saving many people and patients in turn from suffering the agony of un-necessary chronic and major illness.

All the literature of the “New Concepts in Helicobacter pylori” has been peer-reviewed, accepted by International reviewers and published in American and Canadian medical journals.

Abdullah M Nasrat

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Author's Name

Abdullah Nasrat

Publication Date

March 4, 2021






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