Now and Then

by John Macdonald



About the author
My name is John H. MacDonald. I was born on base at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas which would tell you I am an army brat. My father served his twenty years, finishing as a pharmacist. We traveled on average every two to three years. I began my education in a school in Stuttgart, Germany. While stationed there, we saw Switzerland, its incredible mountains and even got stranded by a snowstorm. We traveled there by ship and on the way I saw whales and dolphins, and I didn’t want to disembark.

Our next assignment brought us back to the states and a continuous journey back and forth, state to state, north and south, east and west. We spent some time in Massachusetts where I got to see Ted Williams play in Boston. I have witnessed the fog in San Diego and the Golden Gate in San Francisco. After my father passed, my mother found her way to Seattle, Washington where I visited her on Commano Island. We became familiar with Old bloody Hi-way 66 on more than one occasion. We visited my grandfather in New Orleans before he passed and was buried there.

A lot of towns, a lot of divergent people, their habits and speech patterns became customary for me and my sister. A lot of encounters, some peaceful and some were not. I learned how to defend myself with my fists and later on through my martial arts training. A life of leisure it has never been. A life filled with excitement? Oh yes, all the time, everywhere and every day. Regrets? Well of course. There is always something left unsaid or undone. You never really finish anything until it’s much too late, a memory unfulfilled, a face, or a smile from the past, and yet a part of your living soul. I am not a perfect man, just another traveler on the road to tomorrow.

About the book
I am often asked what my book is about. My reply, life, and all its many journeys, some tragic while others are refreshing and stimulating. And me, in my later years, I feel a compulsion to verify the significant stories we have all written about ourselves. My stories of love and compassion revel in the human attempts at surviving and succeeding.

Anyone who tells you they have never had a story to tell just hasn’t lived. Well, believe it or not, there is an element of truth in everything I have set before you and just a bit of fiction. I will leave it up to you to decipher which is which.

Additional information

Author's Name

John Macdonald

Publication Date

April 30, 2020






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