Old Friends, New Friends….means HOORAY More Friends

by Avita P. Balgobin

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About the author
Avita P. Balgobin
DOB: 5/9/1987
I was born in Guyana and moved to America at the age of ten. I lived in New York with my mother and younger sister. I graduated from York College, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. I recently re-located to California with my husband and young daughter. Writing a Children’s book has always been a dream of mine, and I am grateful to be fulfilling that dream. “Old Friends, New Friends Means HOORAY More Friends”, is my debut Children’s book, and I’d love to write more.

About the book
Old Friends, New Friends Means HOORAY More Friends!, is a heartfelt tale that is meant to make every child smile. This story highlights the importance of friendships, and the happiness that it brings to a child’s livelihood.

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Author's Name

Avita P. Balgobin

Publication Date

April 16, 2020





4 reviews for Old Friends, New Friends….means HOORAY More Friends

  1. Devi

    Looking forward to read this book to my son by this great writer and gain knowledge of what she have to offer!

  2. Devi (verified owner)

    “Old Friends,New Friends Means Hooray More Friends !” Written by one of the finest authors Is a great story about how sad it is to moved from your hometown but at the same time how happy you can be of the opportunities offer by some nice people in new town. I definitely recommend,it’s a must read. My son enjoyed every bit of it.

  3. Sania (verified owner)

    What an amazing heartfelt story about friendship and making new friends.

  4. natsumi abellana (verified owner)

    highly recommend this book especially moving family!!
    its not just only kids, eveybody gets nervous and anxious if people moved new place.
    this book is encouraging and telling you that dont be afraid to make new friends and new place.
    its sad to leave friends used to play but this book will guide you to think positive!!

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