ON JOHN MUIR TRAIL: The Confluence of Four Lives on an Epic Journey

by Charles A. Raguse

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About the Book:

ON JOHN MUIR TRAIL: Four men, two from California, and two from Australia plan a mountain adventure. This adventure is shown with dozens of pictures and their captions.

An overview of the general area shows how it changes along the route going in.

Lakes and mountains prevail. Of these, Sally Keyes lakes and many of the mountains are special.

A pack station contains supplies for the trip in. These are divided evenly by weight for pack mules to carry equal loads.

Characteristics of the land crossed change with interest along the route.

Campsite is reached at Sally Keyes lakes, and preparations are made for the stay, which include meals eaten, sleeping area, and of course, fishing.

The history and utility of the “Firewood Tree” provide interest.

The Trail offers snow, a storm and a minor injury. These are followed by a “rest day” at camp.

“Special Moments” and “Miscellaneous” yield small items for mostly visual collection. They will stimulate future years-long memories. Others, such as the “Fairy Ring” remain, to charm those who instead see it now.

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Author's Name

Charles A. Raguse

Publication Date

August 13. 2021








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