Our Teacher Has MS

by: Charlotte Kay Hill

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About the author
Charlotte Hill was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. During the last ten years of her career she had Multiple Sclerosis. As her disease progressed, there were times that she was unable to work without having some treatments in the hospital.

Each time she went to the hospital the students in her class were aware of the reason for her absence. The close bond that was held between the students and their teacher created the background for this story.

Mrs. Hill is currently retired and lives in Redmond, Washington. She continues to work with children as a classroom volunteer, tutor, and mentor. She is married, has two children and one grandson.

Mrs. Hill continues to share the fact that she has MS with classrooms and individual students to help continue creating awareness about the disease. She is happy to report that due to excellent medical treatment she is able to live a very happy, productive life.

Mrs. Hill has also published “My Favorite Reading Teacher.”

About the book
Whenever a school year gets underway and a bond is formed between a teacher and a classroom it is difficult for both the teacher and the students when the relationship becomes disrupted. This story is told by a second grade student whose beloved teacher spent some time in the hospital recovering from an MS exascerbation.

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Author's Name

Charlotte Kay Hill

Publication Date

April 23, 2019




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