Paul of Tarsus: A study of His Letters Volume I

by Edward Monjay

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About the book
This is the first volume of Paul of Tarsus – A Study of His Letters. This book deals with all of the doctrines of Paul that don’t match up with the laws of Yahweh (god) and Yahshua (Jesus) and the other apostles. I present this book out of love for the people. It breaks my heart that so many have accepted Paul but not studied for his gospel and Yahshua’s were very different. Paul said that Yahshua was an angel and that he worshiped an angel. Oh and it comes directly from scriptures. He also called his letters his own gospel and on most every doctrinal issue taught both sides are right which is wrong. For instance Paul said if you were circumcised Yahshua was of no effect for you but after saying this he had Timothy circumcised. He said women should not speak in the sanctuary or have leadership but had many women helping him that he praised. Paul taught easy believism – just a prayer and believe saves you. Yahshua and James said believe + repentance + obedience + forgiveness+ keeping the commandments. You may question some of this but this is the truth and all in the scriptures. The scriptures prove everything. The churches avoid these scriptures due to Paul regularly playing both sides of the fence. He said it was all an experiment. He also delivered men to Satan and then more to Satan to kill so they could be saved. He also said many other things that this book covers. And ALL of this on your scriptures (bible.) There are about 60 major and many more minor doctrines that don’t match scripture at all covered in both volumes. Most are directly opposite of what Yahshua taught and the Torah (1st 5 books of the scriptures) taught. Yahweh(God) showed me that Paul taught many things that did not match what the Torah(1st 5 books written by Moses.) This also did not also match what Yahshua (Jesus) said while living. If the Jesus that talked to Paul was the same as Yahshua then Yahshua would have to change radically after He died and was back in Heaven and begin sinning which is impossible.

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Author's Name

Edward Monjay

Publication Date

August 20, 2020








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