Pink Conch

by Raj Behera



About the author
Raj Behera lives in San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two sons. Raj works for SAP America, at Palo Alto office and is very much interested in innovative ideas, Technology, spirituality, mysticism and Yoga. Apart from his social life, Raj has vision for social stability and peace on earth, water, air and ether. Raj loves to travel, listening to music, biking, beach walking and helps kids in STEM and spiritual education.

About the book
This book will describe in four parts such as waves of East, West, North, South. I will define two characters of fish from Bay Area, sought for the adventure of pacific rim to Indian Ocean. The main objective is to find the queen conch or Sri conch or generally known as pink conch. Being in Bay Area with the sound of the various objects of the sea such as streamer, Ships, surfing & other activities, they forgot to explore the real value of life and determine to find the objectives. Lately they came to know about the peace loving pink conch and would like to explore the peace formula and share will aquatics in the SFO Bay as well as beyond. Somehow, they were inspired to understand the conch especially the pink conch, never they have seen it and tried to know about it, mostly they came to know the beautiful Bahamas and other Caribbean Seas and the conch habitants and the environment in those areas. Most likely the serenity is derived with variety of pleasant objects like the reef, beach, sea, clear sky, the temperature and many more.

Two unique quality aquatics of the Bay, from the fish classes finally started their journey from the crowdy SFO Bay from Berkeley region. With the aim to obtain the pink conch and attain a state of divinity. That’s the ambition and goal they formulated after attending the first peace conference in the pacific rim. The one and only goal is to obtain the peace formula.

Two friends Goldy & Neil planned for the journey date with the sufficient knowledge and confidence, ultimately, they prayed the Lord of the Milky Ocean for protection & guidance, as if similar adventure by the monkey to cross the Indian ocean by the mercy of the Lord of the Milky Ocean.

The course of action is different as it flew over the ocean and now under the water, the cause to find out the lost loved one & here the curiosity, Curiosity is the basic form intelligence. When they start from the Golden Gate Bridge, a place they are situated and learn to find out the conch, why the conch is so much curiosity.

Real Path for attaining the divine conch is laid out by the two seekers as follows: Path – North Pacific Ocean > Panama Canal >> North Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea) >> Gulf of Mexico >> The Bahamas > South Atlantic ocean > Indian Ocean > Arabian Ocean > Indian Ocean > Bay of Bengal. Please read the entire book to know a lot and learn and relax and have fun, that’s much more important.

Additional information

Author's Name

Raj Behera

Publication Date

April 24, 2020






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