Poems are the Anker to the Soul

by Margaret Ketterer



About the author
Margaret has been blessed with two new additions to her family tree. River Lee and Wilder Grant. (her grandchildren) Still involved in the choir, she continues to enjoy her writing, switching over to short stories for children. Margaret has two gardens, one for flowers and the other for vegetables. Margaret is a member of the Folk Dancers association. consisting of music and dance. still going to the gym you will find her in the pool or whirlpool. Margaret still loves to travel health permitting. , but most of all she enjoys the serenity and comfort of her home.departed.

About the book
Poetry is a form of words written out of love to inspire one another over tragedies giving hope. Inspiration to achieve goals. Prayer for enlightenment, humor to laugh. Poetry will help those who wish to find themselves giving meaning to their life. Poetry reveals life itself through sentimentality of the author that finds serenity for viewers to read and understand. Poetry is an Anker to the Soul.

Additional information

Author's Name

Margaret Ketterer

Publication Date

January 7, 2020




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