Poems from the Heart

by Armand Cannamela

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About the author
Armand Cannamela worked as a teacher of English, Chairman of the English Department, Middle School Vice Principal, and Elementary School Principal for a total of 43 years. He served as Councilman for the City of Perth Amboy, NJ for twelve years and served as Council President for six years. He spearheaded efforts for the industrial rebirth of the city combined with a new housing plan to meet the needs of townspeople with all income levels.

About the book
As I experienced various situations and personal encounters during my life, it is my intention to not only reflect upon them but to also hope that my readers experience reflections of their own and, in some ways, relate to my words and feelings. Prior to this publication, various people read selected works and experienced a very emotional feeling, and in several cases, they were moved to tears. While being published is clearly a very high honor, to witness others respond in such an emotional way to my writing is just as fulfilling and is in a very real way a validation of my work and elicits in me, a feeling of immense joy.

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Author's Name

Armand Cannamela

Publication Date

March 4, 2020








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