Quest of the May’s Rose

by Kevin J. O’Brien

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About the book
On the planet Talamh, in the year 1310 of the second Common Era, a young woman Elizabeth Rose Silverleaf, born of a mix marriage, raised in Winter storm in Elvin kingdom of Cynewyn, was sent to live with her uncle so she can learn in mother’s society. Join her in a journey of discovery and her rights of passage.

She arrived in time to join and adventuring company that was planning a voyage of discovery to eastern kingdoms by sailing west. Her uncle was one of the ship captains, he apprenticed her to the company’s leader navigator. In the company, she was one of 120 members of the five ships company, and she was the only female, which brought its only dangers, over the journey and sea ones. They departed from Fair Haven in the kingdom of West Thorne, and discovered kingdoms of Tullian, Wei, Chin, and Ryujin. They fought the sea and few battles. Dealt with new and strange foods, cultures, and societies along the way. Company build trade routes, deals, and new allies. Many of members of the company failed to return home. Those that were able to return, did it with wealth and honor. She return with great wealth and knowledge, but paid a heavy price of family and shipmates.

Are you brave enough to join her in her quest for a new life and future.

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Author's Name

Kevin J. O'Brien

Publication Date

September 16, 2020






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