July 30, 2018

by Eugene S. Phillips (Author)

Pages: 530

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About the book

Remember Me: A Soldier's Journey, is the story of Paul David Cutler, on the edge of combat in fictional Minh Nam, out of touch with the war, doing a job for which he is not suited. One conflict after another leads to frustration over his ineffectiveness in dealing with people and situations, from which he escapes through his pretend God Odin and Odin's spear that never misses, Gungnir. His relationships crumbling, he contemplates murder. Strains of combat combine with anguish to drive him to a point where his fantasy-strapped mind collides with reality. Years later, a cast of colorful characters combine to ferret out the truth regarding his past.

About the author

Retired Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Phillips has spent almost half his life in military circles, graduating from Camden Military Academy (high school), The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina (BS in Business Administration), Officer Candidate School, Command and General Staff College, and other Army schools and courses. Among honors he has earned are the CIB, MSM, Jump Wings, and two Bronze Stars. In addition, he has earned degrees from Colorado State University (MA\Pol Sci) and California State University (Social Studies Teacher Certification) w/6 yrs. high-school teaching experience. He has rounded out his life by travelling the 50 states and various countries, including sunny, action-packed Viet Nam. Married for more than 20 years to his wife, Jeanne, this is his first book.