March 19, 2018

by Ruth Jensen (Author)

Pages: 200

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About the book

You will find this book to be full of poems that will call to you and tell how you might be feeling or how another has made you feel once before. To most, they may just be poems; to others, they are so much more. You will find these poems joyful, sad, full of love, and so much more.

About the author

"Ruth Jensen, like her mom, was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario as one of three siblings. Her father was born in raised in Newfoundland. Like many of youth today, she also went through a lot of trouble in school and had to overcome serious bullying. Ruth is now a single mother of two totally amazing kids and a proud grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters. She has been out on her own since 1998 and has been battling and winning a lot of mental health issues including depression.

She hopes to share and inspire others who might be experiencing the same things with her poems."